Mo’ and ‘Ox

Before I start to get harangued by you all for not ousting Bubba’s quips and bumbles, I thought that I would create a  page for Bubba – entitled Mo’ and ‘Ox.  Great symmetry, wouldn’t you say?  For the record, they do compliment each other very well. She’s the brain and he’s the brawn!

So here he is:

The nickname ‘Ox comes from his full first name, Maddox.  Now i know some of you just went there.  He is not named after or affiliated with Angelina Jolie’s Cambodian prince.  Mo’ would’ve been named Maddox however the freakin’ radiologist who performed the 22 week ultrasound quashed those plans.  Ok.. back to ‘Ox.   His name is welsh and it means beneficent.   That explains everything about my lil’ man.  He is just for the purpose of good.  He takes my breath away with his charm, sweet smell, loving nature, few words, and sole purpose to just Fix Things and Drive Trucks — naked!

He is built tonka tough and as stable as a brick shitehouse.  He is strong as an ‘Ox, literally.  I knew I was growing a powerhouse at 3 months preggers, when I looked 6 months.  It was reiterated when we had to take this child from my womb a full month early due to his size — even being early he was 8lbs, 3oz.  My uterus had enough!  He is deathly afraid of monsters (under the bed variety) and creepy crawlers (any variety).  He loves “PAH-STAS” and could eat us out of house and home at 6 months old.  He is extremely physical. He has to feel things. Hit things. Pee on things. Hug things. Love things.  He can, and will with no hesitation, take you out with a headbutt and continue to slurp his Go-Gurt without interruption.  He just is… Maddox.  Let’s see if you guys enjoy him as much as I do, huh?

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