The Clan

Marvelous Mo’ is the daughter to Michael and myself. She is also the older, SUPREME, sister to Maddox P.T., who we so fondly call “Bubba”.  Maddox is 3.  Mo’ is 6 going on 36.  I personally stopped counting my years many many moons and wrinkles ago.  We live on a farm in a small rural area outside of Philadelphia.  We have a dog, who if Mo’ had her way would be called ‘Teapot’ (as it was just starting to whistle when we asked for a title); however, since he is a Silver Lab we were able to smuggle his ownership papers past her glare with the title Dexter Sterling.  We will hear about it, i’m sure when she attempts to emancipate herself from our brood in three years’ time.    Michael is an attorney.  I am a nurse.   Maddox is a budding Truck Driver.   Mo’ will most likely be, according to her Kindergarten graduate certificate, a Rock Star [sigh].

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